Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Freeloader Free Download Comp Vol 1

Shit Starter Records

Are you dreading the holidays already? Are you like I am and already your tired of the same old boring Christmas music being played everywhere you go? Instead of the listening to song after song of public domain holiday songs why not spice things up at the next family gathering or office party with a little punk? That's right boys and girls-punk. I've got to say that I love the mission statement of Shit Starter Records:

"We are a record label dedicated to LP, 7", Cassette, and Download Cards. We dig good songs and We want to put you out. If you are on tour from time to time, are good people with goals,and you make good music. We have the necessities to back it up. D.I.Y
Punk, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Alt-Whatever. Free Yo Mind Sucka!
. Quite nice. As far as this compilation goes we get this little nugget of information: 

"Remember the mid 90's super cheap punk comps that had 30 songs and every band was great... You know! Punk Sucks, Punk Bites I & II, Punk O Rama, Fat Music... And they were all cheap!
Well it's 2012 and now people love to download their music. There's so much new stuff out there and it's hard to find some of the really great bands floating around in between the mass amounts of 'Same Ol' Shit' on here. So we have done the work for you,putting together a comp of some of the best bands in DIY today, for a cheap price... FREE!"

This 37-track compilation (yes, 37 tracks!) is just plain fun. Old-school punk on a shoe-string budget. It makes me feel like I'm 14 and care-free again. Yeah! Check out the link below for more information of this cool compilation. While it is a "name your price" download, if you can, why not toss a few coins into the fountain to help out independent record labels? Like Mom and Pop record stores they are a dying breed and need our help to stay alive. Now, if you don't mind I need to find where I put my old skateboard and Ramones t-shirt. Punk up the volume my friends...punk it up!

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