Thursday, November 29, 2012

Current Playlist

What a week it has been! On Tuesday I finally got my cast/wrap off of my left wrist (still some pain and soreness, but at least I can sort-of type with two hands again!) which was a long time coming (three weeks to be exact). Wednesday I found out my daughter (who is 14) got asked to her first dance by a boy. I am not quite ready to have "dating" children (especially as I am raising them solo!). So far today has run smoothly, but, overarching my entire week, has been the realizing that I am all too human and especially flawed. Thankfully this blog is an escape, and/or much needed therapy, so with that all said here is my various lists:

Listening to:
Flashlight Brown-My Degeneration (Quirky punk rock from Canada)
Heard It On The Radio Vol. 7 (Forgotten hits...)
Exciter-Violence & Force (It's early Exciter so enough said!)
Bad Religion-New Maps To Hell (Solid album from this older band)
Loud, Fast, Ramones-Their Toughest Hits (I find whenever I feel like crap about myself the Ramones help)
Filter-Short Bus (What can I say, I was feeling nostalgic for awhile this week)
Rageheart-Rageheart (Excellent metal from my friends over at Metal On Metal Records)
Fates Warning-Spectre Within (This was on Metal Mark's list I believe last week so I checked it out-killer)
Acid-Maniac (Cool 80's metal)
Witchfinder General-Fiends Of Hell (NWOBHM doom-glorious!)

Shocker (A classic horror film!)
21 Jump Street (Not a classic!)
Commando (A favorite of mine from when I was a teen. Still as fun as I remembered it to be!)
The Amityville Horror (Remake was on TV last night...frankly, a turd of a movie)
Legend (The movie was saved by Tim Curry!)

The Greatest Sci-Fi Films Of All Time

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