Sunday, November 25, 2012


Southern Lord

 This seems like an odd fit for Southern Lord, but what do I know? This Portland outfit was formed in 1998, out of the ashes of the indie band Jessamine, by guitarist Rex Ritter and keyboardist Andy Brown. After the band releases the album "Style Drift" the band took a slight break in the action. Well, 10 years is a tad longer than a "slight break"! Regardless of that guitarist Rex Ritter kept himself busy by playing with sunn 0))). Did that time spent with sunn 0))) pay off? Well, for this current release Rex Ritter & Andy Brown are joined by Mat Morgan, Borg Norm, Brian Foote and Paul Dickow with guest contributions from Gentry Densley (Eagle Twin), Steve Moore (Earth, sunn 0))), Hans Teuber, Eric Walton (Skerik), Jef Brown (Jackie-O MF) and Dave Carter. The result being what then you might find yourself asking? Before we get into this mix of different influences let's just say that sound-wise and production-wise this release is washed heavily in all things 70s. Through-out this forty-three minute LP this gathered group of musicians indulges in improvisation mayhem. Things sound to be encased in laid-back, free-form style as acid jazz, funk, rock, fusion (and anything else these musicians found fit to toss into the mix) is fuzzed out in such a way you'd swear the walls were melting all over again into one big & beautiful, colorful  mess! Obviously there isn't a lot to get excited out here if your strictly a meat and potatoes metal fan. If your taste buds run a bit more "adventurous" though this is a great album to indulge your senses and mellow out to.

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