Monday, November 26, 2012

Diagonal-The Second Mechanism

Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records

There is so much to love about this Brighton/UK-based band that it is hard to know where to begin. Diagonal turned a lot of head's completely around thanks to their 2008 debut album. The band worshiped 1970's progressive rock and it showed.Since then founding members Alex Crispin (Vocals/Keyboards) and Dan Pomlett (Bass) left the group, but the band seems no worse for wear. Original guitarist Nicholas Richards switched over to bass and the band carried on. Now a 5-piece band, Diagonal might have had to "slightly stripped down their sound" (As the promo says), but the end result still makes for a spectacular listen. Tagging along with Richards for the journey is Luke Foster (Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals), Ross Hossack (Synthesizers, Harmonium, Backing Vocals), Nicholas Whitaker (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Lead and Backing Vocals) and Dave Wileman (Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals). And really this comes off as more of a journey then anything else. With each passing moment you move along through this landscape filled with rich colors and exotic new discoveries. The band is still firmly rooted in 70's prog music, but this album comes loaded with enough different "add-on" moments that this should appeal to more then just your progressive rock fan. With jazz, metal, psych and Krautrock added to the mix this is one highly-recommended release that keeps you on your toes as you anticipate what is coming up next. 

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