Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Intake Of Glass-Voice Of Reason


Given the shape of this world, and my own private universe as of late, "Voice Of Reason" seems to be a spot on title! The Intake Of Glass proved to be another band that was hiding out in my inbox waiting to see the light of day. With a late August release date things could be worse. Now, I am quite aware that I am on record stating my objection to metalcore core in this day and age. The Intake Of Glass prove to be an exception to that rule. This five-piece band was formed in 2008 and call Cambridge, Ontario home. The band released their first EP,  "Victims Of Circumstance", in 2010 and now have unleashed a album that is equally beautiful and straight out brutal. These guys are not just your run of the mill metalcore outfit. No, The Intake Of Glass are a older progressive rock band trapped in the body of a younger hardcore/heavy metal band. When  I say younger I truly mean it as these guys barely look like they are old enough to drink let alone have these insanely sick breakdowns! With some time to truly hone their skills these lads should be able to take a bite, a sizable chunk in fact, out of metalcores weak scene!

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