Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sorrow-Misery Escape

Napalm Records Handels GmbH

There are more metal promos stacked up and waiting for review then I've even seen. It's funny that all of these slipped past unnoticed like a thief in the night. Man, take a week or two off for surgery and suddenly your facing mountains of requests! It might just end up that some reviews will be shorter then others. That said, some of these groups are easy enough to digest and, subsequently, do quick write-ups about.
"Misery Escape" is actually the fourth full-length album by Austria's The Sorrow. Formed in 2005 by Mathias Schlegl and Andreas Mäser (both from the band Disconnected) and Dominik Immler and Tobias Schädler (both from the group Distance) the band issue their debut album, "Blessings from a Blackened Sky", in 2007. Notice that date. In 2007 The Sorrow might have been onto something, but in 2012 they come off a bit dated. Sure, that wasn't that long ago, but when you are all about metalcore it might as well be 20 or more years ago! While not taking anything away from these guys (they seem to be more then competent musicians) the whole metalcore scene is getting old. Even with a healthy dose of melody and solid harsh verses clean vocals this release just sounds dated and irreverent. If you are still into melodic metalcore then more power to you. As for some of the rest of us (hopefully I can speak for the bulk of heavy metal fans) it is just time to draw the curtains and say our goodbyes.

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