Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Afterimage-Formless

Ghost Music
(Physical EP/Merch from Famined Records)

Barrie, Ontario, Canada brings us The Afterimage. Formed in December of 2011 (Almost hitting the terrible twos there guys!) the band features Kyle Anderson, from progressive metal band Centuries Apart, on lead vocals. Backing him on this short length EP are:
Alex Lappano / Guitar
Mike Ticar / Guitar
Dallas Bricker / Bass
Nick McCaslin / Drums

If you guessed that this was also progressive music then give yourself a pat on the back. Sure enough this short EP is full of progressive rock. Only key fact is that The Afterimage are not the ugly step children of Rush. No, this is angry and volatile deathcore with progressive elements. Did I mention it was angry? I did? Well, how about loud, chaotic and likely to scare the piss out of the Hot Topic kids angry? That it is and a lot more. How about we talk about how insanely technical the whole EP is? These guys are all over the place and yet everything can change in a split second. Playing lights out deathcore like this takes serious talents. The Afterimage quite obviously have talent to spare as this EP comes out fists flying and, before you can catch your breath, it's all over. Why I'm reminded of the of Blitzkrieg's trademark song I can only dare to guess. It might have something to do with the way this EP feels like a blitzkrieg. It's simply crazy, but crazy good....

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