Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dehumanized-Controlled Elite

Comatose Music

New York's Dehumanized was formed in 1995, split-up in 2000, got back together in 2004 and then split-up again in 2007. In between all of that mess the band released two demos and a full-length album, "Prophecies Foretold" (not necessarily in that order). With this new album Dehumanized is looking to reclaim their past glory and make a case that they deserve to have a spot in the "Best New York Death Metal" category and/or the "Best Death Metal" list. As it's been a good 14 years since the band's last album a lot has changed in the scene. From the sounds of album number two for Dehumanized they just don't recognize that fact or they just don't care. Either way thank God for small miracles as this is old-school death metal that still carries that old familiar NYC style. I'm old enough to remember hearing the band's last album as I now have a 14 year old as proof. Listening again to Dehumanized brings a lot of memories floating back, but chief among them is how much they remind me of Suffocation. Given the fact that Frank Mullen (Suffocation) does a guest spot on this album it's clear enough to see why I get that vibe.With a guest guitar solo by Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation) as well one can't help but see the correlation. My other impression was the way in which this album, or rather the band, would have fit perfectly on either the legendary "Grindcrusher" compilation or the "Death Is Just The Beginning" compilation. With it's solid production courtesy of Joe Cincotta (Full Force Studios) "Controlled Elite" is old school death for fans of Suffication, Deicide or other similar 90's death metal groups. It might not have the same magic as their debut album, as that was some crushing, breakdown-style death, but as a sophomore recording it's fairly solid. Given that it took 14 years to get to this sophomore release I'd say it was worth the wait.

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