Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten-Heresy and Creed

Frontiers Records

  I see here that “Heresy And Creed” is Ten's 'tenth' full-length studio album. I also see that this is only the second album I've heard out of Gary Hughes and company. Looking back over my notes from 2011 (link below) it does not look as if I was overly impressed with this Frontiers Records' band. Well, after listening to "Heresy and Creed" maybe I was wrong and maybe I was right. Lately I've been more wrong then right so let's stick with that little nugget of truth for the time being. Album number ten is a better overall release to these ears. It sounds fuller and features a better production (or rather pretty solid production) from Dennis Ward and Gary Hughes this time around. It also seems as if more individual attention was giving to each tracks as things roll along more smoothly and concisely. Ten are still one of the best when it comes to this kind of melodic rock/AOR. That said I was right about Ten the last time around when I alluded to the fact that the band always sounds more promising on paper then they do on an actual album. Nothing against Gary Hughes or the musicians he has gathered as it all sounds fine and, again, there are chops to be found and some hard rock credibility. In the end though I just can't seem to get overly excited about Ten though. And while any good writer knows that, in regards to writing reviews, one should avoid referring to how  "I liked this" or "I liked that" (in other words making the reviews less about yourself and more about the band and the product at hand) I've always felt that music was ultimately about what transpires between the band/act and the listener first and foremost. In other words how does one person respond to the music/product presented when alone in a controlled situation. That is how I've always tried to approach new albums and new material. It's just me and the music. No distractions and no excuses. So, while a band like Ten might indeed read like something I should love (melodic rock/hard rock/AOR with top-notch musicians and lots of credibility) in "action",as it is, I left feeling like this was enjoyable enough if not something I would ultimately want to listen to all the time.

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