Saturday, December 01, 2012

Crillson-Coming of a New Age

Arkeyn Steel Records

Glennallen, Alaska power metal band Crillson released this one sole album in 1993. Issued original on the record label Hyer Road (Independent label? The band's own label?) this re-issue seems to be the second time someone/some label has come in and seen fit to re-release this as it was released on a CD (limited to just 200 copies per various sources). Also, the Metal Archives says that a bootleg was released on vinyl, limited to a mere 330 copies. From a quick search online it seems as if the original album was/is a hot ticket item featuring serious $$$ in both CD and vinyl form. That begs the question why? Before we get to that it should be noted that this re-release includes not only lyrics, pics and a bio, but also the group's 2000 unreleased second album aptly tilted "II"So, even if you already own one of the rare copies you would do well to pick yourself up another copy (For the record this re-release is a limited edition, hand-numbered run of 1000 copies). Well now, right out of the gate this is some really good eighties metal. Yeah, that's certainly interesting as this album was from 1993 and all, but vibe-wise this is right out of the eighties. Since the band was formed back in 1984 it makes sense what these guys were churning out as far as heavy metal goes. Warlord comes to mind at first hit of the play button as does Manowar. Further exploration, a enjoyable prospect with a band like Crillson, finds the list of influences widening to include Jag Panzer, Cirith Ungol, early Savatage, Manilla Road and Chastain. Listening to this album is a real flashback affair. Over the course of these 16 tracks your taken back to a time when metal was really metal. Man alive is it ever missed. It's no real wonder why this album had a following given it's authentic feel. Crillson, whose name came from combining the band member's last names, sound sincere and obviously played with enough passion to match their precision playing. Not only is it a fun listen, word's alone can't begin to explain how cool is it too hear real heavy metal again-even if those real heavy metal bands were all about swords, chains, spikes, gnarly looking demons on album covers and even loincloths (Yeah, looking at your Manowar!), but it's got some technical skill to boot! Sometimes you do have to "go back" in order to hear something really cool, but who can complain when record labels treat us with such treasures? 

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