Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boarders-R-Existence (Deluxe Edition)

Roxx Records

You can always count on Roxx Records to deliver something the goods when it comes to things in the "interesting" department. Count this four-piece band as one such interesting act. Boarders are an Italian  band that are mostly a thrash metal act and sometimes a melodic metal one. At least on this album they are. They are also a band that can trace it's roots back to the eighties. That isn't so much interesting I suppose. They are pretty outspoken about their faith (as if being on Roxx Records wasn't clue enough that they are a Christian band). I suspect the same could be said about a lot of Christian metal acts these days though. This next part is different though. This Christian act was also a Megadeth tribute band at one point time. I'm not sure if they still are in their part time, but that is pretty interesting I'd say. You could argue that since Dave Mustaine claims to be a Christian that this isn't so much of a leap, but I do find it all odd.  So, you have a band that plays most thrash/sometimes melodic metal, once served as one of Italy's better Megadeth tribute bands, can trace their roots back to the eighties (1988 to be exact), and who wear their faith on their sleeves. And how will that all mix together? Read on. As Roxx Records is looking to add more thrash metal to their roster Boarders is the right call there. This is thrash metal 101. It's all very technical and yet retains a very distinct edginess. The group are lead by have vocalist/guitarist Egidio Casati. Here he sounds more gritty then anything so I'm not sure how he pulls of covering Megadeth (if indeed he sings lead in the tribute act). Regardless, his gritty vocal delivery works well here as the band serves up a hearty helping of thrash that is both older (check out the early Megadeth meets early Anthrax of "Vengeance is Yours") and modern ("Meet my Heart"). It doesn't always work though. What is up with "Sixth out of five"? It defies logic. This deluxe version features "A Warm Place" followed by "To My Father". Two back to back instrumentals. And then you get the bonus cut (off of the deluxe version again) "This Time". The piano in it feels out of place as the cut is almost nu metal. "Cause of Life" is much better in that regard as it might border on nu metal, but it has almost more of a Helmet feel to it then anything. "Pure Gold" is good in a modern metal kind of way although the deluxe version features a subtle acoustic version that, while softer, is actually better. The deluxe version features two unreleased demo cuts to end things and, along with the excellent "Lightbringer", are great slabs of metal goodness. Here's the official scoop on the deluxe version:
Set for release on January 29, 2013 the newly expanded package will be available in a Limited Edition CD pressing and also available digitally at all your favorite retailers. The Deluxe Expanded package will contain 5 additional tracks, 3 brand new recordings as well as 2 previously unreleased demo tracks.  Final track listing below.

1.       Prelude
2.       The Agony of Lying
3.       Signs of Resistance
4.       Vengeance is Yours
5.       IV Reich
6.       Pure Gold
7.       Lightbringer
8.       Sixth out of Five
9.       Cause of Life
10.   Meet my Heart
11.   To my Father
12.   A Warm Place (Deluxe Edition - Bonus Track 2013)
13.   Pure Gold [Acoustic] (Deluxe Edition - Bonus Track 2013)
14.   This Time (Deluxe Edition - Bonus Track 2013)
15.   Deliver You Back To Hell [Unreleased Demo 2003] (Deluxe Edition - Bonus Track 2013)
16.   For What it’s worth [Unreleased Demo 2003] (Deluxe Edition - Bonus Track 2013)

It features a different running order for sure, but with all the extras it packs on it's a must-own if your a fan of the band. While I didn't mention them by name tracks 2 and 3 are also really good. This band really does know how to craft good thrash metal in the vein of Megadeth, Metallica,etc. Christian metal fans will definitely want to pick this one up, but chances are good that even secular metal fans could find plenty to like about Boarders.

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