Sunday, January 13, 2013

Centerlink-"Distant Voices"

"Distant Voices" is a new single by Boston's own Centerlink. I have previously covered the band  before. I reviewed their 2012 demo (below) and also did an interview with the band (also below). With a new album on the way this serves as just a sneak peak/appetizer. Before I get into "Distant Voices" be sure to heard over to the band's Facebook page and "like" these three guys. Or at least like Centerlink anyway! Support local music the best you can. Centerlink might not be local to me (they are technically closer to Metal Mark then they are to me), but they have the "local metal band with heart" vibe going for them so I'm pulling for them. Anyway, "Distant Voices" is a fair bit heavier then I remember these guys being. It's got a Rob Zombie fronting a super group made up of members of White Zombie, Danzig, Black Label Society and Metallica sound going for it with a nice solo planted mid-way. It will be interesting to see what the band pulls off for a full-length as so far I've only heard bits and pieces from these guys (ie demo tracks, variations, etc.). I'm curious what these guys do with a whole album as far as style, song-structures, etc. In the meantime "Distant Voices" is worth checking out if you like the heavier end of hard rock/traditional heavy metal.

 Check out the new track here:

 For the interview and review of Centerlink's 2012 Demo click here:


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