Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ván Records

Another Dutch hard rock/heavy metal act? Didn't I just have fellow Dutch band Vanderbuyst on my best-off list? Yes indeed. Are Gold as good as Vanderbuyst? Is it even fair to compare the two of them just because both bands hail from the Netherlands? Yes, this album was produced by Igor Wouters and Vanderbuyst main man Willem Verbuyst so there is that connection as well. Is this just a female-fronted version of Vanderbuyst? Or am I getting too far ahead of myself again? I'd say it's more the latter then the former folks so bear with me here. It's Friday and it's been a L-O-N-G week. Maybe I should have carried this album along with me? Might have helped out some. Before I get into the "why" of that statement let's take a quick look at who Gold are. This particular new rock/metal band (formed in 2011) is fronted by the talented (and let's be honest here-she is gorgeous) Milena Eva with guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood), guitarist Nick Polak, drummer Igor Wouters and bassist Harm Haverman filling out the line-up. "Interbellum" is the debut album from Gold and it's one of those rock/hard rock/heavy metal albums where the music is enjoyable in a way in which little thought is needed. It has just enough catchy riffs and solid songwriting to make for a good background soundtrack. That might have been nice for a week in which my emotions were going in all these different directions. Gold have their feet firmly grounded. This is such a straight-ahead album that there is little to complain about. While it might follow the formula a little to close for comfort it is dependable in a way in which you know what your getting with each new song. That isn't to say there isn't good times to be found from our friends in the Netherlands. Even if the album is a steady ride on the tried and true/formula hard rock/heavy metal train there are some things to like about Gold. "Interbellum" features a lot great lead solos and those smouldering vocals of Milena Eva really do pull you in. The band has a killer rock voice dying to come out. The foundation is there (check out album closure "Ruby") to build on and maybe in an album or two Gold really will be the next Vanderbuyst.

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