Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Beast-Thrash Metal Propaganda


Mad apologies to Spain's Beast who sent us a link to this EP back in November of 2012. How I managed to listen to this one and then forget to do a proper follow-up review I'll never know. There were a few "crazy" weeks there in November, but that's no excuse as this is some insanely talented thrash metal. These guys play thrash born out of a love of bands like Slayer, Overkill, Pestilence, Obituary and Exodus. It's that Exodus love though that shines through the brightest on "Thrash Metal Propaganda". Beast, who hail from Madrid (Spain), were formed during the spring of 2010 and (these days at least) is made up of vocalist Matheus, guitarists Casado & Ivan, bassist Dani and drummer Jean. This 5-track EP was recorded and mixed very effectively by Ángel Muñoz during June of 2012 in Traste Cero Studios (Torrejón de Ardoz - Spain). The production is spot on for this kind of metal. It's not overly slick, but everything comes rolling out in just the right levels. Now, just when you think you've got Beast all figured out (as your knee deep in killer thrash metal) the band throws you a curve ball and you get the beautiful instrumental track "Blood Upon The Snow". The EP's last track was composed, recorded and interpreted by Fabien Claes and adds that little extra something to the mix. It's a shame it took me this long to get around to covering these guys.


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