Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Soliloquv-The Interpreter

Sensory Records

If there is one group of people who should have little to complain about these days it's progressive metal fans. Anymore doesn't it seem as if you can't turn around without tripping on a newly formed progressive metal band? Or is it just me? This newest British band was formed by multi-instrumentalist Pete Morten back in 2002. Pete Morten, who also plays with fellow British prog metal act Threshold (an act he joined in 2007)on the side, handles lead vocals and everything everything else on "The Interpreter" (with the exception drums). While this band did form back in 2002 this is the first actual studio-album to emerge. There has been a number of demos released though and the band has also played out quite a bit. They have had support shows with Pagans Mind, Power Quest, Oliver and Rick Wakeman and yes, even Threshold. Along the way My Soliloquv  has also managed a second-to-headlining set at Bloodstock 2005 and had a showcase at ProgPower UK II in 2007. Even for a band that seems geared to be more of a side-project then anything else those are some impressive accolades. With all of the live practice and seeing as it took them 11 years to get to the point of this debut-album you'd probably think that this would be an album that would tear the roof off of progressive metal right? Or possibly even be a good prog metal LP? The reality though is this one just seems like it exists without ever really giving you anything to get overly excited about. That is unless you get excited about a prog metal track that borrows from Mortal Combat ("Corrosive De-Emphasis") or tracks that sound like Dream Theater trying to write material for "...And Justice For All" ("Fractured"). Otherwise the rest of it just runs about like it's trying to find something to grab hold of. There is a distinct lack of energy here sadly. I have no doubt that Pete Morten is a excellent musician, but this album just sounds hollow to these ears. Maybe progressive metal fans do have something to complain about then? Or, will they just claim that someone like me just doesn't get what a band like My Soliloquv is going for since I'm not a huge fan of the genre anyway?


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