Friday, December 28, 2012

Current Playlist

Of course Christmas was this week so it would be reasonable for you might think there might be some festive music to be found on my play list. You'd be wrong. About as festive as I got this past week was watching A Christmas Story and one of the million-plus adaptions of a Christmas Carrol. Otherwise it was a rather ho-hum Christmas for me. This was the first Christmas I spent without my kids (my ex was in town so they stayed with her and her husband for a few days) so maybe that had something to do with the lack of holiday cheer? No matter as this year is almost ready to come to an end. It will be weird writing 2013 on EVERYTHING that's for sure. Anyway, as always here is my weekly list...

Listening to:
Melissa Auf der Maur-Out Of Our Minds
Agent Orange-Living In Darkness
Marty Casey & The Lovehammers-S/T
Big Hozz And The Animals-On The Edge of Life/Lucifer's Friend Test Press 7"
Mpire-Hell To The Holy
The Prostitutes-25 Hits of Punk Rock Fury!!
Money-First Investment (Bonus Track Version)
Union 13-Why Are We Destroying Ourselves?
Union 13-Youth, Betrayal And The Awakening
Crisis-Armed To The Teeth

Lincoln (for once a movie is worth all the praise and hype!)
Chernobyl Diaries

Lasers, monster and barbarians oh, my! (Metal Mark's new blog is a must-read!)

So, what have you been listening to, watching and reading?



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