Saturday, December 22, 2012


Svart Records

Is it to early to be talking about "Best Of" lists for the year 2013? It probably is as I haven't even posted this year's list yet. Even so, please people, someone needs to remind about the exquisite nature of this self-titled release next December. This captivating album is a thing of beauty. While Sammal's eponymous debut album will be issued on both CD and LP this release begs to be experienced on a turn table. This is the kind of album where you want to turn the lights off, light some candles and just sink down low into a state of spiritual relaxation. Sammal's debut album might be sung entirely in Finnish, but the bands smooth blend of classic rock, southern rock and progressive rock is a universal language. Especially when you have a vocalist who sings in such an authentic fashion. Sammal are another band that not only looked to the past for inspiration, as retro-rock is all the rage these days just as retro-metal is, but found a way to bring the past into a modern setting. It's amazing how such simple elements (classic rock riff-age, prog keyboards and a little southern twang) can translate into this beautiful and complex sound. It looks as if I'll be adding another LP to my collection soon enough!

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