Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Relentless-Demo 2013


Despite the title of this 3-track ("Demo 2013") it does seem if it just came out this month. Beyond that I've got nothing to go on with this band. How so? Well, it showed up in my inbox from a friend/fellow tape trader and other then the line "I think you'll like these guys Andy" there was nothing else. I don't know if he expected me to be able to dig up more on Relentless (As there is a band from Minnesota with the same name, but whether they are this Relentless or another is anybody's guess) or if he was just bored and came across this demo? Since I'm not going to turn down random and strange requests (What fun would life be if I did?) I'll just throw this one out as is. Relentless offers 3 tracks of hardcore metal/thrash. Really it's more hardcore then anything (A more primitive Hatebreed meets Biohazard?) and, other then a slightly fuzzy mix, it's not half bad. There's even a tip of the hat towards Slayer on "Marked for Death" to keep things (somewhat) interesting. Since I have enough to go through as is promo-wise I just don't have the time to investigate. Therefore, if anyone knows more about this particular Relentless (Are they the same straight-edge Relentless that has several other releases under their belt?) and would like to share then feel free to post it! In the meantime see the link below.

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