Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Attic-The Invocation

Ván Records

For a band that was formed back in 2010 (over a shared interest in such things as sinister music, spiritualism. occultism, horror movies and literature) Germany's traditional heavy metal act, Attic, sure has managed to get a lot done a lot in just this past year alone. As if having issued a self-released/self-titled EP and a split 7” with Walpurgis Night already in 2012 wasn't enough now the band is looking to add credit to their name with this full-length LP. Obviously the group has had a busy 2012, and no doubt they spent the first two years of existence honing their skills, but how does the band's full length album ,"The Invocation", really hold up to inspection? Well, there is such a thing as paying homage to your inspirations in the music you play verses being a all out a carbon copy. Attic find themselves walking the line between those two descriptions and I can't help but wonder if  "The Imitation" wouldn't have been a better title? Merciful Fate and Judas Priest fans would do well to listen up to this next part as those are the two main targets of Attic's affection. While lead vocalist Meister Cagliostro comes off as more Rob Halford then King Diamond the music is clearing a combination of those two classic bands. While Helstar and Pentagram are also mentioned in the promo as possible front runners to Attic's sound this is the result of Merciful Fate and Judas Priest coming together for a collaboration. That about sums up Attic. If your a fan of either or both of those acts then "The Invocation" should be on your Christmas wish list. Even if the band sounds a little too much like their heroes for my tastes I will say though that everything from the song-writing to the performances is spot-on. The band is no doubt a talented bunch of guys who know how to write darkly-tinted classic metal. The production is just about perfect as well and you can't help but appreciate the old school cover artwork by Markus Vesper (Manilla Road, A Tortured Soul, Poison Oath, Headless Beast). But, it's not the most original idea in the book when it comes to traditional heavy metal bands out there so it comes down to what your looking for metal-wise. If you can look past the minor flaw in their music then by all means go for it!

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