Saturday, December 15, 2012

Atomic Cries-Suspended Between the Mouth of God and the Fist of Man 7"

Svart Records

This forthcoming 7" from Atomic Cries is 2-tracks of SLOW doom-tinged metal/rock. Really, really SLOW doom-tinged metal/rock. Atomic Cries is a 2-piece band that was formed in 2010. They are said to be influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Trouble and Saint Vitus (They claim to worship at the alter of Saint Vitus' late/great drummer Armando Acosta) and have released this 2-track release as a precursor to their forthcoming debut-album. band. Now, despite those influences listed above, the pair of Saúl Do Caixão (Lead/Rhythm Electric/Acoustic Guitars & Vocals) and Andy Lippoldt (Drums/Organ/Bass/Backing Vocals)
rely more on drawn-out doom then standard doom. These two tracks might move at a snail's pace, but they are effective none the less. As the band's sound is best described as stripped-down and primitive, in a very good way they are fiercely old-school in nature, this 2-track might not be suited towards every one's taste. Even I had to admit that the material presented requires a bit of "patience" as it marches along at it's own pace and in rhythm with it's own Armando Acosta worship. If you can get past it's slow pace though the music on this 7" will reward you. In the right state of mind it's more then possible that this 2-track release could result in a uniquely rich experience.

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