Friday, December 14, 2012

Current Playlist

Another week down and another day closer to the end of 2012. Soon enough "best off" lists will be flying out from every corner of the world and 2012 will be merely memories. Before we get that far though here is my list of lists and, as always, I'd love to see what everyone is listening to out there.

Listening to:
Thine Eyes Bleed-In the Wake of Separation
Buffalo-Ride the Beast
Infected-Awake In Our Own Graves
Rising Free-the Very Best of TRB
Gotham City-The Legend Of Gotham City
Soundgarden-King Animal (Deluxe Addition)
Mad Max-Night Of Passion
Buckcherry-"Gluttony" Single
The Spades-Learning the Hard Way
Strange Boutique-The Collection:1988-1994

Star Wars Episode III
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull
Creepshow II

Doctor Who-A Celebration

So, what have you been checking out this week?



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