Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Resistance-Rise From Treason

Armoury Records

When you've got a band that includes vocalist Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted, Facedown), two musicians with ties to In Flames (In Flames' founder Jesper Strömblad and ex-In Flames member Glenn Ljungström both play guitar for this new band) and drummer Chris Barkensjö (ex-Kaamos, ex-Repugnant) it would be almost impossible to walk away with a bad project. Up front the only problem that "Rise From Treason" has is it's short length. This EP just does not offer the listener enough crushing metal to completely satisfy the cravings it leaves you with. This fierce new band combines a heavy dose of street-level, in-your-face hardcore with old school Swedish death metal. With the slight addition of traditional heavy metal riffs, and even some blood-soaked death n' roll, you'll quickly find that you hunger for more. It's just not enough! Especially when everything just clicks for this Swedish monster of a band. From the opening of this EP there's so much intensity that it can't help but grab your attention and shake it violently around. Vocalist Marco Aro leads things in an effortless manor. With a death/thrash-type delivery that, while raw on occasion, is loud and commanding the group's name comes off as quite fitting. Not to be outdone by Aro the band offers up some sick, slash-happy leads and pummeling percussion.  With one foot firmly planted in Swedish death metal and the other one dug deep into metal-tinged hardcore there is this overall feeling of real down and dirty music. From "My Fire" to "Slugger" this is a fist-fighting metal release that points toward a future of powerful releases from these talented musicians. Again, the only downside is this EP's short length. Thankfully
a full-length album is set for release later in 2013. If this next year flies by as quickly as 2012 did then, Lord willing and the dead don't rise, it won't be long before The Resistance will have more to their name then just this four-track digital download/limited edition 7″ vinyl. While we wait for it this will have to make due. Still, it's a fair enough warning I offer for those looking to indulge in this bad mother of an EP. It will leave you wanting more so be aware of what is to come. This one is brutal, smash and bash metal so be prepared to hit the replay button a ton of times like I have on this Tuesday morning!



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