Saturday, December 08, 2012

Edge of Attack-Edge of Attack

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When reviewing new acts it's always best to leave your expectations at the door. As nothing excites me more then then the phrase "female-fronted power/thrash" (Yes, I do live a pretty boring life it seems) I was really psyched about the potential of Edge Of attack. Truth be told this was one of those rare cases where the actual product didn't meet what I had pictured in my mind (Not the rare part as this happens more often then not with over-hyped new bands), but it offered more then it's fair share of surprises and I found myself glad that Edge Of Attack were not what I had in mind. If there's one thing to be said for this 5-piece band it's that they don't try to fit into any kind of well-defined categories. Now, please bear with me while I try to make an argument for the addition of symphonic arrangements into power metal/thrash. If that doesn't make a lot of sense coming from me, since the sound of symphonic power metal usually makes me want to rip my ears off, the additional arrangements give Edge of Attack a unique personality. What could have been a utter disaster, adding choral and symphonic arrangements into good power metal/thrash when it's not needed, turns into an advantage as it gives the band a chance to showcases not only the musician's skill, but also the intense lead vocals of Roxanne Gordey. By itself good power metal (Of the American variety)/thrash is a hard thing to come by let alone one fronted by such a talented female vocals. Roxanne Gordy manages to offer the listener haunting vocals that fit in perfectly with the complex metal on display. Again, not to surprise anyone here, but even the shred metal on display here is rather enjoyable. The band manages to play some slick guitar solos, or rather lead guitarist Jurekk Whipple does, without turning Edge of Attack into anything so flashy as to take away the overall appeal of their furious power metal and thunderous thrash moments. For a band that hail's from the frigid Northern lands of Alberta, Grande Prairie to be exact, they sure do manage to play some hot metal! There's not much overall information to go by when it comes to this five-piece band, like when they formed and other curious tidbits of information, but from the sounds of it they must still be a fairly young outfit. Even so, Edge of Attack have been featured in Revolver magazine and have played pre-shows for Kiss and Godsmack. Not to shabby at all. And, seeing as the band handled this self-titled album by themselves (It was produced by guitarist/vocalist Jurekk Whipple), the production job is all the more impressive!  I can't say anymore good things about this band that haven't already been said and I really am glad that they proved to be more then simply power/thrash. This is a really good metal album and I'm hoping we'll see more out of this band in the near future.

Left to right: Dallas Dyck (Rhythm guitar), Roxanne Gordey (Vocals), Jurekk Whipple (Lead guitar, vocals), Denver Whipple (Bass), Trevor Swain (Drums) | Photo credit: Alicia Beisel Photography

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