Monday, December 10, 2012


Agonia Records
*European release date = November 25th / North American release date = February 5th*

It's Monday morning and I went into this album absolutely blind. Sometimes it's just better to listen first and read last. Having nothing to go by other then the album art, which does intrigue me, and feeling better now that I'm on my third cup of coffee (It was a tossing and turning kind of night folks) I hit play and prepare for the unknown. What starts off as slow doom eventually unfolds into something else all together. Best described as blackened rock/metal (At least that is what it goes for early on), the album does one better and reverts to black metal/doom before moving effortlessly between various versions of a common theme. No matter what is tossed into the mix though, style-wise at least, the back end is always black metal. From that album art I truthfully would have guessed this would be some kind of freaked-out acid/stoner rock. It's not, but it is somewhat freaked-out. Even if you can make out all the lyrics it's more then obvious that this is occult-based music. Anyway, having listened to the album all the way through I finally take a look at the Metal Archives to see what is what with this oddly named band. Seeing as the promo/bio has little information anyway I almost had to do this anyway. Formed in 2003, and made up of musicians who have spent plenty of time in other bands, this Greek band is only on their second full-length affair. Two EPs were released before their 2009 debut-album, "Purulence", as well as some demo material. How this album compares to their 2009 album I can only guess. In the end I found that the new album, with some songs being over 7 minutes in length, is worth another spin so that says something. At over 50 minutes in length this release moves along fairly smoothly with very few little in the way of material that seems uninspired. While it might turn off those who are not into black metal, and/or occult-based bands, with it's many turns and progressive song constructions it's a easy enough listen and an album that is both compelling and complex. 

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