Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LNJ / JTD / Sacrificed-Roxx Christmas 2012

Roxx Records

I've lost count of how many holiday-themed promos I've received in the last week or two. This 3-track release is a Roxx Records Exclusive EP. During this Christmas season, 2012, if you purchase any item from Roxx Records they will throw this in as a freebie. I'm not quite sure if what is being offered is a digital download or a physical item so be sure to check out the link below for more information. Now, as for the actual EP, what would make this release any different then the bulk of similar seasonal releases? Sure, there is the fact that Roxx Records is a Christian label. What difference does that make? Well, the sentiment behind some of the music, as well as the label's actual stance, is most likely more sincere. They want to remind the listener to keep Christ first this Christmas. Considering how commercial and materialistic the holiday season has become anyway it's not such a bad thing at all to take a step back and reflect on something other then the latest and greatest "must have" seasonal purchase. That's just an observation on my part so, as much as I'm sure everyone just loves my daily reflections on life, let's get to this EP. With only 3 songs it's a quick listen. Up first is Liberty n' Justice with a cover of "The Grinch". It's unfortunate that no line-up information was provided with this promo as the music is slick, old-fashioned hard rock/heavy metal with some great solo work out of the guitarist. Music-wise this can't be beat and all it does is make me hunger for Liberty n' Justice's upcoming "The Cigar Chronicles". But, "The Grinch" really doesn't match-up very well when it comes to lyrics verses music. More then anything it just seemed like an odd fit. Track number 2 is Join the Dead with a heavy thrash version of  "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". I thought
the debut album from this Bay Area thrash band, which was released earlier this year, was a winner with it's old-school take on thrash metal. Join The Dead does the same thing with this cover. If you've always wondered what a Bay Are thrash cover of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" was like then wonder no more. This track isn't anything fancy, but it's got a certain charm all it's own. Last up is The Sacrificed. They cover "The Little Drummer Boy" and, for the record, this one track was released before. Without looking through my reviews I'm 99% percent positive I said the same thing then as I'll say now-it's OK. It really doesn't offer the listener anything interesting so I'm holding out for some more material from The Sacrificed. The promo says that it might come out "before 2013 comes to an end" so I'll look ahead to that. So, while this might not be all that special, it is free with any purchase so there's no real reason to complain out it.


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