Friday, December 14, 2012

Rotorvator-The Blues

Sangue Disken

The last time I "experienced" Rotorvator, as you don't so much listen to this quirky act as you do experience it like a weird trip of the mind, it was March of 2012. At that time I had worked my way through their 3-track "Heaven" EP which, while odd even by the standards of really odd things I hear weekly through promos, ended up being something I could connect with on a certain level. "The Blues" is pretty much the same thing in that it's nothing you'd expect to hear, or even suspect you might expect to hear, and yet it does resonate on some level with me. To be clear this could fall into the category of black metal-or at least the vocals, dark and scratchy, could as the music is more or less experimental noise/doom/post-rock whatever. This 4-track release, which is free for the taking at the link below, would be one long string of collected bits and pieces of soulful misery if not for track number two. With the surprising addition of Italian folksinger Comanecit (A most welcomed guest on the haunting "Who Is Earl?") "The Blues" is broken up somewhat. With her calming style, Comanecit does not so much change the mood of this dreary EP as she does embrace the misery. She channels it into a slowly dying, tortured and tormented spirit that is restless for the cold comfort of eternal rest. In her hands the nightmare is all the more real on "Who Is Earl?". This blissfully perverse number, in the way in which is welcomes you in seductively like a spider patiently waiting on her web for the evening's nourishment, was written by Comanecit and is the EP's highlight. The number, which she cradles like a dying loved, is nothing short of enchanting in a melancholy way. One can only hope that the partnership forged between Rotorvator and Comanecit is not a one-off deal

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