Monday, December 17, 2012

Truth Behold-Maieutic


Truth Behold are a young, Montreal-based, progressive deathcore band. And when I say young I mean that the band is REALLY young. Formed in March of 2010, Truth Behold is a 5-piece band whose members were born between 1993 and 1994. That makes me feel really old of course as I graduated from high school in 1992! Despite their young age (I wonder if they can even play in some clubs since they are under 21?) the band has not only manged to write and compose their own music, which is complex in nature, but they also produced their full-length debut album as well! That requires truckloads of talent and dedication to your craft. It's highly unlikely that the average listener would be able to guess that these five musicians were still teenagers (or that this 10-track debut-album was self-produced) just by listening to the album.That really says something about the band's overall technical ability. Of course this album does have all the landmarks associated with progressive deathcore. It's all here from the familiar death growls to the brutal breakdowns. The music is chuck full of complex death metal riffs and bone-crushingly heavy metalcore. From start to finish this is the sound of crushing metal and exactly what fans of the genre have come to expect and appreciate.Even so Truth Behold offer something more then the countless other independant/underground progressive deathcore bands. Whether you call it youthful energy or the effect that their DIY mentality had on the overall project there is just something here that stands out. While you can't put your finger on it there is no uncertainty that it exists. As the album works itself  through all 10-tracks (from "Legion" to "Sandstorm") the band delivers a professionally produced, high-end take on progressive deathcore. With a sound that is as technical as such a professional production job would dictate (which really only adds to the album's overall effect), Truth Behold have delivered a truly remarkable debut-album. With time on their side there is no telling what the future might hold for this young band, but with such a good start one can only imagine a future wide-open for Truth Behold.

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