Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Private July-Frown

Pinhead Records

If your wondering what a pop-punk band like A Private July (Whose name I must assume has something to do with my birthday being in July and thus paying tribute to that fact) are doing on a site called "Heavy Metal Time Machine" I'll tell you why:

A) This New York band plays blissfully sloppy EARLY pop-punk  (not the trendy radio pop-punk crap)
B) Just because "heavy metal" is in the title doesn't mean we can't cover other genres of music. We're not  Maximumrocknroll here kids. We don't just cover heavy metal bands. We cover just about EVERYTHING!

With four new songs and two covers ("Girls With Boyfriends" by The Sheckies  and "Just like Kurt" by Weston) this is a fun EP that brings to mind everyone from The Queers to Sloppy Seconds. With that "I'm going to kill you in your sleep" clown cover how can you possibly go wrong?

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