Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kissin' Time-Canada's Tribute To Kiss

Keep It Live Records

I'm never one to shy away from good music for a good cause. "Kissin' Time" is one such project. 13 of Canada's best indie acts (from metal to singer/songwriters) cover 13 classic Kiss songs with all proceeds from the sale of the CD (after expenses) being donated to the SICKKIDS Foundation (Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital). Right away I just have to say how can you go wrong? Maybe a brief explanation/rundown of this CD is in order will help make the choice a little easier. There are some really choice covers here done up with loving care. In fact, the bulk of this CD is really good. West Memphis Suicide offers up a solid take on "War Machine"  while Spiro Papadatos implores us all to "Rock And Roll All Night". While not the best cover of the Kiss classic (for me that will always be the live cover by the Approach and the Execution!) it at lease keeps to the spirit of the song. Bobnoxious, who play a great mix of dirty rock and roll and Motorhead like metal, rip their way through "C'mon And Love Me" and Grimskunk (a cool name for a band!) tear things up with "100,000 Years". If you've ever wanted to know what "I Was Made For Loving You" would sound like if it was covered by members of White Zombie (later day) and Marylin Manson then A)You're in luck! and B) I have no idea what is wrong with you, but you might want to consider getting medicated! Probably my favorite Kiss cover on this disc is "Hard Luck Woman". With only a guitar and her voice (which proves to be more then enough) Sarah Smith delivers a tear-inducing cover of this classic. Her voice is simply perfect for this cover and she presents "Hard Luck Woman" with such soulful passion and hurt that it's hard not to get a lump in your throat as she sings. Sure, there are a few numbers that defy logic (The Salads give us what has to be the worst version of "Lick It Up" ever played in the history of mankind!) and some that shouldn't be ("I Was Made For Loving You" by R.E.D.), but the majority of these groups do well with the Kiss songs chosen. Really though it's for a really good cause and at $14.99 CAD it won't break your budget!

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