Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fall City Fall-Victus

Victory Records

What are the odds that I'd randomly pick a promo and it turns out to be another Canadian band? This is quite weird as it seems like every other band I've covered recently has been from up north. Fall City Fall
hail from Calgary, but the sound they pump out is more inner city anywhere U.S.A then could be reasonably expected. While the promo calls this five-piece a metalcore act it's thankfully not so predictable as I'll discuss in a few short seconds.  The band began life back in 2008 with their first EP, "1692", being released two years later. Another EP appeared along the way ("Dead Saints EP") with "Victus" being the band's debut full length album. If you are wondering if these five lads (duel-vocalists-Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty, guitarist Jordon Storey, drummer Nathan Pope and bassist Andre Urquidi) have found the perfect home with Victory Records the answer is yes. Fall City Fall are perfect for Victory Records and vice versa. If you are not familiar with Victory Records then all me to explain their mindset. The bulk of their artists are hardcore + "something" (metal, thrash, etc.) with a few exceptions (Sister Sin,
Ill Niño) just to keep things interesting for the label. Fall City Fall are the perfect addition then as their craft is earnest hardcore, but with a lot of complimenting genres tacked on to spice things up! Technically there is some metalcore, but there is also progressive hardcore, mathcore, alternative metal and even some deathcore to be found. Having these two talented vocalists who do nothing but sing is nothing if not unique. Usually you have one lead singer who handles clean vocals and then another musician (bassist or guitarist usually) adds tacked on harsh vocals. Here you have two lead singers who have worked to fine tune their craft and that is appealing. Musically as well there is talent to be found within Fall City Fall. The band is seemingly more then willing to pull in these different aspects as long as the bottom line is loud and heavy, hard-hitting hardcore. Not only is the music no-nonsense, but so are the lyrics which are full of the type of pent up rage and frustration seen by those on the bottom looking up. I'll give that to Fall City Fall. These guys mean business and have a take no prisoners approach to their music. That's as appealing as it is unnerving.

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