Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Continents-Idle Hands

Victory Records

Last year (December 23rd!) I reviewed Fall City Fall who are another band signed to Victory Records. That young band impressed me and found the perfect home with Victory Records for their debut-release. The same can be said for the UK's Continents. This particular young band was formed in 2010 by five friends from South Wales (vocalist Phil Cross, guitarists Darryl Sweet and Tom Weaver, drummer Duncan “Ken” Hamill and bassist Dom Turner) who were all hardcore kids at heart. The band's love of blue collar hardcore proved to be an instant hit. Thanks in part to hard-hitting live shows, and "Trials" (the band's 2011 single), these five mates turned Continents into a real beast. With a sizable (and loyal) following in place the band was on their way. Continents went on to win the 2011 November favorite YouTube UK Metal Act which would open more doors for these hardcore thrashers. With their appearance at the June 2012 Ghostfest festival. (Europe’s biggest indoor metal and hardcore festival) Continents cemented their place in the world of hardcore (or at least over in Europe where they have easily become known as one of the best up and coming hardcore bands). Soon enough Victory Records came calling which brings us to the album "Idle Hands". Now, even if the name is unfamiliar to those of us living here in the States (as I had no idea who they were before hitting play either) I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be that way for very much longer once this album makes its presence known.  Of course when your signed to a label that features a roster of similar-minded hardcore acts you need to do something to stand out right?. When they played in a live setting these guys managed to unleash such a high level of intensity and consistency that their dedication to the craft was never called into question. How do I know? I  checked in with some friends from overseas and they confirmed that Continents offer up a ground-shaking assault of primitive (and yet technical in places) hardcore. With that serving as a way of confirmation it's safe to say then that they manged to get that same level of live intensity in the studio. After the short intro track, "224", there is this pause before Continents truly kicks things into gear. The title track follows and despite the album's title these five guys have been anything but idle! "Idle Hands" is raw and real. It features just enough "technical" playing to keep the party flowing, but it's that raw and real flavor that really makes this one a winner. Continents plays with a real sense of urgency and, as this heavy as hell hardcore album unfolds, the passion spills out like an open wound. Metal loving fans might not find enough leads to satisfy, but this one is nonetheless a smashing assault that is custom built for the pit. The band also serves up enough of an attitude with it's real and in-your-face music that anyone that defines their tastes with such words as "loud", "heavy", "brutal" and "menacing" should be able to find a foothold. "Idle Hands" is the sound of five kids from South Wales who are just trying to make some sense out of the ugly world they see. Let's all hope that even if they do find what they are looking for (which seems highly unlikely) that it doesn't stop them for playing more soul-searching and skull-crushing hardcore.

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