Friday, January 11, 2013

Deceptor-Chains of Delusion

Shadow Kingdom Records

This London 3-piece band has 2 demos and, with the soon to be released "Chains Of Delusion", 2 EPs to it's name. This particular MCD sounds as if it was self-recorded on the cheap and, other then the lack of production (it sounds as if it was possibly recorded live in the studio with the mic for the vocals hidden out of reach of the lead singer/screamer), is actually a fairly enjoyable six-track release ("Transmission I" and  "Transmission II" are really just 20 second or so bits so it's more like a 4-track EP truthfully). Deceptor play old-school thrash/speed metal with just the right amount of technical skill to keep things interesting. Nothing groundbreaking, but still an enjoyable slab of raw speed metal/thrash from guys who have spent time in bands such as Mutant, Solstice and Craven Idol.

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