Thursday, January 10, 2013

Above The Earth-Above The Earth

Arsafes Records

Above The Earth is a project featuring Serbian vocalist Aleksandra Radosavljevic (ex-Destiny Potato) and Russian guitarist/vocalist Arsafes (Kartikeya). In January of 2012 the pair decide to collaborate on a new project. This self-titled EP (released in December of 2012) is the result of that collaboration. To say that Above The Earth is a unique project is an understatement. Aided by bassist Aleksander and drummer Alex Smirnov (and a few guests) the pair's recorded material falls somewhere between ambient pop/noise and atmospheric progressive metal. As oddly as this EP presents itself it's also one of the those warm and inviting sounds that showcases a real commitment to the art of texture. After the very brief intro "Unmasked" you get into the heart of the matter with "Trapeze". Featuring Jakub Zytecki (a talented 17 year old guitarist from Przeworsk, Poland) the number is close to six minutes in length and features a wonderful balance between epic solo work and the enduring vocals of Aleksandra Radosavljevic. In reality there is not much to set the number apart from the next cut, "You". Both feature ambient/atmospheric rock with heavy guitar solos. The difference though lays within the more metal crunch of "You". "Eden" features another Serbian musician in vocalist/songwriter Aleksandra Djelmash and is a strangely beautiful ambient pop/progressive metal/noise track that serves as a guided tour of a night's worth of dreams. Speaking of dreams, the album's closing cut is the excellent "All Our Dreams" featuring musician Adam Nolly Getgood. Again we see the balance between beauty (Aleksandra Radosavljevic) and ugliness (fuzzed out/distorted guitars) work in such a way as to complement each other rather than react in such a fashion as to offer a clash of styles . Whatever you might choose to call Above The Earth (A project? A band?) there is no denying that this self-titled EP has a underlying charm all it's own. Be sure to check this one out for yourselves.

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