Monday, January 28, 2013

Deep Purple-Live In Paris 1975

Eagle Rock Entertainment

There's absolutely no need for a long-winded introduction when it comes to Deep Purple. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last forty-plus years you should know the name and know the legacy. Other then an eight-year hiatus (1976-1984) this English band has been a constant in the world of rock and roll since forming back in the late sixties. Listen to this live album and then consider the fact that the band is still at it and it's easy to see why Deep Purple are considered to be one of the hardest touring bands in the world. There's also a very good reason why this album is revered. While it could be debated whether or not this live recording is as good as "Made In Japan" it still sticks out as it was the last show played with legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore before he left the band. Of course his departure would lead to the legacy that of Rainbow. So, with Richie Blackmore on his way out the band recorded his last show with them in 1975 at the Palais des Sports, Paris With David Coverdale on lead vocals, Glenn Hughes on bass/vocals,  Jon Lord on keyboards and Ian Paice on drums this might not have been considered the classic line-up (indeed this was the Mark III line-up), but, man alive, could these fine gentlemen ever rock! With a new album on the horizon (due for release in April) it's good to hear that this is just the first of 10 classic Deep Purple albums that will be exhumed. This was originally issued on Purple Records and features the same original 9-tracks, but with a great interview with Coverdale, Hughes and Paice tacked on as a bonus. It's also been digitally re-mixed and re-mastered from the originally multi-track recordings. That right there is reason enough to pick up this 2-CD set. If you are new to this album and you're wondering just how you can stretch 9 songs over the course of 2 CDs the answer is simple enough: solos. Lots and lots of solos. That might sound like it would be a tedious affair, but when you have musicians of this caliber it's far from the case. All five of these guys were more then professional musicians as they breathed life into the music they played and believed in. This album might have been recorded live back in 1975 (when I was a mere 2 years old!), but it stands as a testament to the timeless nature that lies at the heart of Deep Purple's music. We've all heard tracks like "Burn", "Smoke On the Water" and "Highway Star" on the radio as these are a few of Deep Purple's contributions to the vaults of classic rock. Here they take on a life of their own and help to make the distinction between studio-Deep Purple and live-Deep Purple. Both verses were great in their own right as an album like "Live In Paris 1975" pays witness to. For the casual Deep Purple fan out there this is would make a nice addition to a collection. For the die hard Deep Purple fans out there I'd wager that this one is already in your collection. With it's enhanced sound and the bonus interview it's still worth picking up again though.


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