Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold Steel-America Idle

Stormspell Records

Somewhere around here I have a copy of Cold Steel's 1992 album, "Freakboy". As I recall it's a fairly unremarkable affair. This Long Island thrash band was formed back in 1986, but it took them until 1992 to release a full-length album. Prior to that they had a couple of demos and a split. "Freakboy" was followed up by the "Bracing the Fall" EP (also released in 1992) before the band folded in 1993. Following a 20 year break the band is back once more. You've got the same vocalist (Troy Norr) and one of the same guitarists (Joe Shave) along with new bassist Doug O'Dell (Ice Age), guitarist Eddie Campbell (Morbid Sin) and drummer Hal Aponte. So, 2 old members and 3 new members. And the result is? More of the same I'd argue. Decent enough thrash if nothing to get all worked up about. It's sort of like Cold Steel get's all dressed up for the party and then just comes out and goes through the motions. This 5-track EP isn't bad or anything like that I guess. It's more like it just is sort of predictable. And that's the real question then as it seems as if Stormspell Records is making a lot of fuse (vinyl, CD and digital release) for something that is at best a average release. Oh well. 

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