Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Otep-"Apex Predator" Single

                                                                     Victory Records

Every once in awhile some band will come along and release something so terrible that it boggles your mind. Your left wondering "Why didn't someone step up and say this is a bad idea?" before you begin to take stock of your own life and say "These people get paid for this? Where did I go wrong?". "Apex Predator" is the single biggest pile of crap I've ever heard. It's not like Otep weren't once sort of metal. They were. Or at least sort of metal in a nu metal kind of way. Here all Otep Shamaya does is talk. Maybe she is trying to rap. I don't honestly know. Either way it's shit. Pure shit. This song makes me actually yearn for nu metal and I put nu metal in the same company as I do my ex-wife! I can only imagine how terrible Otep's new album is going to be if this is the album's "single". I close with this open-letter to Otep and her band.

Dear Otep,

Please just break up if you are going to put out music like this. Do it for you fans and the metal community as a whole.

Heavy Metal Fans Worldwide


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