Monday, January 21, 2013

Centerlink-"All it Takes" & More


Earlier this month (Jan. 13 to be exact) I covered Centerlink's new song "Distant Voices" (link below). At the time I believe I mentioned that this Boston 3-piece was in the process of completing a new album. I'm still not sure if everything new (song-wise) they have posted on their Facebook page is it (track-wise) or if there is new material on the horizon. Either way here's the deal ladies and gentlemen: These 3 guys rock. Period. OK, let me elaborate. "All it Takes" is a bit like "Distant Voices" in that it's also heavy on the Rob Zombie-style metal while still maintaining it's own identity. Centerlink have always been able to draw on their influences (Metallica, Foo Fighters, Motörhead, Black Label Society, Pantera) solely as a template unto which they can easily convey their own style. On "All it Takes" Parky (guitars, vocals) lets loose with some sick lead guitar work. This is the sound of a talented and professional band at play. This is the kind of band who that can be as heavy as Pantera and yet still write material with rock and roll riffs. "Hopes and Dreams" is another example of how to put together a song that on hand is hard & heavy (in this case the band channels some Helmet) while still having a sound that fits right in with today's modern metal market. It's plain to see that this group has grown musically with each new song. All of the new material on display at their ReverbNation page shows improvement. The leads from Parky are more adventurous and Jon (drums) and Billy-K (bass, vocals) offer up a tighter rhythm section that is superbly grounded in heavy hard rock. Take a listen to "See a Change" and you'll hear how the pair not only hold there own, but give off their own bit of magic in the process. All 3 members of Centerlink have evolved in their playing as the new material is more mature. Of the new material the most curious number to me is the modern metal track "Withered". It's a love letter presented in the form of modern metal and it simply bleeds both passion and hurt. "Withered" is a move in the right direction for this band as it's something different. In a way writing a song like this is actual a risk. How can writing a modern metal pseudo-ballad be a risk you ask? Well, you face a potential backlash from your established fan base. The fall-out from writing a "ballad" can sometimes turn hardcore fans against you. In this case though it's right type of song for Centerlink in that it shows they can write a variety of music. While the album/new material is ready to be heard (link below) the band does not have the actual CDs ready yet. Hopefully that will be sooner then later.

Review of "Distant Voices" and link to other articles on the band:

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