Saturday, January 19, 2013

Death Rider-Straight To Hell



Ahead of time I'm just going to apologize for how this review will probably turn out as this is my first attempt at using the Google Blogger app on my phone. It's more an experiment to see if it actually works of if I should just stick with the old tried and true "home computer" method. So far I'm leaning towards sticking with my computer, but we will see when it's all said and done. I've got no information on this release other then the fact that the band hails from the Russian Federation, they play old-school thrash/speed metal and this release is available web-wise everywhere. Who knows if there are even physical copies of this one? I won't go into greater detail as it's a fair enough album and this review is really more of an attempt to see if modern technology and I can be friends or if we will be stuck in a death struggle for all eternity! Just do a web search and a thousand + links will pop up for this metal maniac of an album.

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