Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gloria Morti-Lateral Constraint

Metal Blade Records / Cyclone Empire

I wouldn't even attempt to write down all the line-up changes this band has had since forming in Heinola, Finland in 1999. Four albums in and this Finnish band has shuffled the deck so many times it would make your head spin. Let's skip the line-up and history then and just get to the real meat of the matter. This band might have formed with the simple goal to "have fun and play thrash", but the music is anything but "fun" or "thrash" (or simple thrash if you like). The lyrics tackle the subject of mankind's inability to "step aside and think outside the box" while the music, dark and nightmarish, is an unrelenting mix of death metal, black metal and modern thrash. Envision a band that fits comfortably along the lines of The Crown and/or Dark Tranquility and you should know what to expect. These guys are no carbon-copy of either band though as they offer up deathly thrash that is capable of being technically efficient while simultaneously ripping out your innards as an offering to the gods of metal! Yes, it's that kind of release.

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