Thursday, January 17, 2013

Satanic Threat-In To Hell

Hells Headbangers

"They're not Christian...they're just a SATANIC THREAT!". That's the opening tag line from Satanic Threat's promo. This Cleveland, Ohio band is punk rock in it's filthiest form. Or at least lyrically where this one is concerned. Of course you could reasonably expect as much when this band features current members of Nunslaughter and an ex-member of Midnight. The band released one 8-song 7" back in 2008 featuring Minor Threat-style punk. In fact this is what I'd imagine Minor Threat would have sounded like if Cronos wrote the band's lyrics! Hells Headbangers is now offering this punk rock cult classic as a re-release. This re-release collects the original 2008 "In To Hell" 7" (which sold out in lightning speed) and adds on the band's only live show from September 2008. The 7" and their 8-song live set pretty much mirror each other, but it's all good. Fan's of old punk (Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits) should appreciate this one.

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