Friday, January 18, 2013

French Metal Friday: Spekt-Cypher

Agonia Records

Maybe it's cheating a little to review an album for a French Metal Friday piece, but it's been one of those weeks so I hope all can be forgiven. This is actually the 3rd release by the experimental black entity known as Spekt and it's an odd thing all around. I mean it's odd even by the standard definition of odd things that I hear regularly. There's no vocals for one thing. Instead of creepy black metal growls you get samples. It's ambient noise/industrial metal and all, but it's almost got this psychedelic air to it. There's feedback and a free-flowing exchange of ideas and textures. Really it just needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Thankfully Braveworlds is streaming it live at the link below. Spekt remind me of what I like most about metal and that is that things never get dull. that is unless you allow things to get dull for you (as far as metal goes) which would be somewhat sad in my mind. Explore different bands and different genres. Leave yourself open to new ideas and don't be scared off by words like "experimental" or "different" as sometimes those are the best kind of bands/releases. "Cypher" is definitely experimental and different. It's also a nice change of pace and a sign that metal never really grows old.

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