Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slice The Cake-Other Slices

Myriad Records

It's that time again to play the "stupid band name/awesome album" game. Our guests today are Slice The Cake and the album in question is "Other Slices". Why Slice The Cake? God only knows. It's a dumb name. Dumber then dumb in fact. If I saw a band called Slice The Cake playing at a venue I'd walk on by. Who would ever know that that would be a mistake? Dumb name aside this is one "METAL!" album. Or at least "METAL!" in a very BRUTAL progressive deathcore kind of way. Yes, it's that kind of fashion show. This one offers up plenty of sharp twists and turns and is remarkable in it's ability to be equally beastly and beautiful. And when you find out that this is the band's second full-length release of 2012 that makes it all the more remarkable. Releasing two albums in one year (the other album being "The Man With No Face") must be a daunting task never mind the fact that the three members of slice The Cake live in different parts of the world! Here's the official game players for "Other Slices":

Orchestrated by:
Gareth Edwards - Tumorous Vocal Growths, Ambiences
Jonas Johansson - String'd Observations, Singing
Jack 'Magero' Richardson - Manifestations, Beards

Jake Lowe - Compositional aid on Nebulayer Cake, Kow Otani and The Siren's Song. Solo on Kow Otani.
Kieran Scoble - Swamp Noises, Vocal Session Engineering
Laure Whiteside - Vocals on Fractal Exam Sequence
Harry Wade- AARRRGHH
Penwith College Collective - Reptilian Exaltations 

Reportedly this is an album of "this and that" material: B-sides, leftover material, different versions, etc.hence the title "Other Slices". Don't that that stop you though as these 11 cuts are simply tasty. So, bad name but good music. Check them out for yourself:

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