Monday, January 21, 2013

Joel Grind-The Yellowgoat Sessions


Joel Grind is a man of many talents. This musician/composer has run two record labels (Nuclear Hell Records and Witching Metal Records) and has written music for movies, TV, video games and commercials. He's also the founder of bands like Toxic Holocaust & War Ripper. This is a name your own price digital download in which Joel handles all of the vocals and instruments. If you couldn't figure it out by the album art then "The Yellowgoat Sessions" finds this L.A. native loving thrashing about in a sea of black metal/speed metal filth. It's not all that different then say your bulk of similarly-minded blackened thrash acts that rely on satanic themes as their gimmick. Unlike some of those other acts though Joel has a way of making his guitar sound deliciously "garage thrash" in nature. It's raw and up front so it gives this recording an almost gritty quality. Joel Grind manages to blast-forth a style of blackened thrash that has the potential to actually be appreciated by those who are normally turned off by the thought of black metal. I'd wager to say that the time Joel spent playing in Toxic Holocaust made him see the affect straight-up thrash riffs can have when combined with the likes of Bathory. In fact the easiest way to describe this release would be a cross between Bathory, Toxic Holocaust, Venom and Slayer. You can hear it for yourself at the link below.

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