Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bill Leverty-"Ace Bandage" Single


If the name Bill Leverty doesn't immediately ring a bell for you then you're not alone. The name raised only shrugged shoulders for yours truly so it kind of threw me for a loop when I found out just who this guitar shredder was. Before that revelation comes to fruition though one must take the time to mention just how much of an accomplished guitarist Bill is. On "Ace Bandage" we're talking about semi-rough vocals etched atop semi-bluesy, gutsy hard rock. This single, aside for some overtly cheesy lyrics, is a sweet little rocker so I admit I was surprised to find out that Bill Leverty is the guitarist, as well as one of the founding members, of Firehouse! Yes, the same gents who gave us "Don't Treat Me Bad" and "Love Of A Lifetime" (used at many a wedding back in the day!) are now giving us a guitar hero in  Mr. Leverty. Of course that really isn't much of a surprise as it was always obvious that, while the group might have appealed more to the big-haired girls in our high school years, those guitar riffs were anything but light and fluffy. Strip away the glitz and glam from Firehouse and you have American hard rock it you give it a truthful listen. As "Ace Bandage" really stands as it's own beast though (as the only indication that these two entitles are connected at all is when someone like me does some snooping around) let it be enjoyed as such. This is good, old-fashioned American rock and roll with a blues/hard rock after-coat and not the crappy kind like Earl Scheib used to hype!

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