Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wolfs Moon-Curse The Cult Of Chaos

Pure Steel Records

Somewhat surprising I discovered that this German band wasn't a new act. Wolfs Moon, a name shared with (at one point) Warsaw-based black metal act Solar Wisdom, have been around since 1992, but this is the first that I had heard of this 4-piece act. Seems as if I've been missing out then. Since releasing their full-length debut album, "Solitary Lunacy", back in 1996 this outfit has remained a fairly steady act even if it's been 5 years since their last release. In that time frame a new vocalist has been brought on board (Robert Rogge) which is worth noting if only for die hard fans of this heavy metal group. For the rest of us who haven't been keeping up with this band from Helmstedt, Lower Saxony a few keen descriptive words might be in order style-wise. As I slipped on my headphones and allowed myself to soak in this act a few reference points came to mind. With the rougher vocals of Robert Rogge guiding over this band (guitarist Gerd Simson bassist Marco Dammann and drummer Andreas Rinke with Simson and Rinke having been on board since 1992) the heavy metal/power metal sound, with only the slightest tinkering of thrash, that this guys rock out to falls somewhere between the old (Metal Church) and the (somewhat) new (Iced Earth). Being from Germany it's also hard not to think of acts like Helloween, Rage and U.D.O.when listening to album number 7 from Wolfs Moon, but these talented musicians manage to stay well within the bounds of originality which is more then can be said about a lot of power metal acts these days!. Fans of Metal Church and Iced Earth should dig this German act as well as those who enjoy the fine line that exists between heavy metal and power metal.

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