Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl Stretching-"Keep Calm And Carry One" Single

I owe a debt to Sleaze Roxx ( ) for turning me onto this single and this project I knew nothing about! Owl Stretching is a project from Saigon Kick guitarist (and one time front-man) Jason Bieler. Here he is joined by bassist Chris McLernon and drummer Ricky Sanders. Overall the single is some smooth rock/hard rock and it made for some good times here at the offices of Heavy Metal Time Machine (aka my basement!) as it became quite addictive to all who heard it! With Saigon Kick reportedly set to play a few select shows sometime this year or next (mostly festival appearances from the sounds of it) this single will help to remind everyone just how talented Jason Bieler is! Oh, just in case you are wondering, I was a Saigon Kick fan back in the day and I always thought that "The Lizard" was an underrated album.

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