Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sister Sin-Dance Of The Wicked

Victory Records

Originally issued back in 2003 this was Sister Sin's first LP. Looks as if Victory Records is giving it a nice and proper re-release. Packed with a re-mastered sound and some nice cover songs in "Paint It Black" (Rolling Stones) and "Rock N' Roll" (Motörhead), which features guest Doro Pesch, this is a nice way to see where it all started and what it was all about. Without a doubt Doro/Warlock influenced lead vocalist Liv while the band settles into some rather sweet punk rock/hard rock by way of 80's heavy metal. Musically I hear everything from the likes of early Ratt and Mötley Crüe to that Doro/Warlock vibe and even early cues taken from Wendy O. Williams/The Plasmatics. Raw at times it captures a point in this band's career where they had finally realized the dream of being a real band with real metal music. This one should be a nice pick-up all around for fans or casual listeners. 

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