Monday, July 29, 2013

Until Dawn-Horizon


Hailing from the remote former city, but now know dubbed a urban service area, of Fort McMurray, Alberta is the melodic death metal band Until Dawn. Formed in 2010, with a self-titled demo and a self-titled LP proceeding "Horizon", the band is made up of lead vocalist Adam Macleod, guitarist Steve White, bassist Luke Davis and brothers guitarist Deke & drummer Luke Worrell. On full-length album number two there's actually two initial points that sprung to mind as "Horizon" played. The first is that for a band from such a remote area as these guys hail from their sound is modern and slick. Again we find that even the most remote of areas in this world of ours produces professional and technically skilled metal bands. The second thing that came to mind as I spun this album was if there is anyone left out there who doubts the high quality of self-releases then they need to not only have a reality check, but also they need to pick up this album! While on paper the group is often described as melodic death metal (or at least that's the tag they most times seem to find themselves saddled with right or wrong) there is so much more to Until Dawn then meets the eye or could ever be properly conveyed with such a simple tag. Two albums in and this 5-piece group has released an album that not only pulls in some of the finest melodic death metal out there, but also some moments of heavy hard rock, light progressive thrash, classic heavy metal and even metalcore. Overall it's more realistic to label Until Dawn "modern metal" although admittedly that term has  gotten a bad rep as of late. The band, who have shared the stage with Korn, Volbeat, Billy Talent, Kiss, A Day To Remember, Hell Yeah, All Else Fails, Fozzy, Ill Scarlett, Without Mercy, Unleash The Archers, 3 Inches of Blood, Striker and even Kiss (whew!), offer up this level of aggressiveness and brutality that is still rooted in energetic heavy metal riffs. So yeah, in a way they are modern metal, but don't let that tag persuade you in any way as this Canadian act is the real deal. Comparisons have been made to Trivium, which is a fair enough statement, although it's really more like someone took apart the likes of Killswitch Engage, At The Gates, Soilwork, All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold, In Flames and maybe even some Parkway Drive and then, with equal parts super glue and duct tape, it was re-assembled with the whimsical mannerisms of Merlin The Magician at play! It's an impressive album that's sure to find plenty of praise from critics and fans alike. In Until Dawn we find another band to keep an eye on as everything is right in place for the group to take that next big step!

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