Tuesday, September 24, 2013

As Gods-"The Chase" Single

Sometimes words can do more damage to a young band's career aspects then their actually could. Case in point: This new single by UK's As Gods which came with this description attached (in regards to the band's take on rock) "Somewhere between the heavier side of Incubus and early Pearl Jam". As far as sale pitches go this one didn't exactly grab me hook, line and sinker. Especially as I've made my feelings about Pearl Jam rather clear ( and they aren't good feelings) and when it comes to Incubus the only Incubus that I actively engage in the N.W.O.B.H.M. one (look it up kids). Thankfully I trust the individual who sent me this promo and I know that his tastes in music are really pretty solid. So I entered at my own risk, but did so willing to give this single/band a chance. I'll admit when I'm wrong and in this case I was BIG TIME wrong! First of all the description is actually just about spot on. But, it's more like this young UK band takes the BETTER side of both Incubus and Pearl Jam and conforms them both into something new and refreshing. And that brings me to my second point about As Gods. I loved this single and I love their sound! Their sound is that of hunger. These guys are hungry and it shows in their heavy rock delivery.  Partly progressive and partly modern, this is rock that's strong-willed, relevant and, dare I say, sexy? Yes, there's the raw sex appeal of a bunch of Brits with way more years ahead of them then behind them. With only one other EP to their name, 2012's "Crystalline", this young band, which was formed in 2008, has tons of tread left on their tires (musically speaking) and if this single is any indication at all then the EP that it will come with will be massive! As Gods is a band with all the dynamics of modern rock and all the muscle of modern metal. The only difference being that, while modern rock and modern metal can be too self-absorbed for it's own good, As Gods doesn't have to sell their own hype as their music, which functions as both underground rock and mainstream rock, speaks volumes as to their more then natural ability. If there were more bands like this, playing with passion and purity, it wouldn't be such a hard job of finding real rock with heavy metal potential. Here's hoping these guys just keep on doing what their as the world and rock radio needs more honest music like this!

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