Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Death Toll Rising-Infection Legacy

Quite possibly possessing one of the coolest band names around, Alberta, Canada's Death Toll Rising offer up their second full-length release since forming back in 2002. With their last album,  2010's "Defecation Suffocation" (also a self-release), receiving heaps of praise it was time to put up or shut up for this Canadian band. Happily "Infection Legacy" rises to the occasion and this death/thrash band avoids the dreaded "sophomore slump". Lead vocals rest in the hands of Jesse Berube and while he easily slips into full "cookie monster death metal growls" mode without warning there are still more then enough occasions where you can pick up on what this band is preaching. Typically that means all things doom, gloom and mass destruction, but this bunch has even been known to sing about the horrors of suffocation by feces! I'm fairly certain that is one fear that we all share! Elsewhere we find the band's two guitarists, Tylor Dory and Drew Copland, engaging in a fine display of Floridian death metal solos (Obituary, Death, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse all spring to mind) while Bryan Newbury's drumming keeps the beat nice and frenzied! Meanwhile, bass duties are split between the two guitarists and one Mr. Ryan Berehulke. All told the band covers a lot of ground (music-wise) as their sound recalls not only the previously mentioned Florida bands, but also the likes of Carcass, Bloodbath and Mortification! As the group features veterans of such groups as The Dead Cold, The Order Of Chaos, Into Eternity and Beneath The Remains there is an obvious skill-level here that should not be discounted. Fans of Floridian death metal should find plenty to love about Death Toll Rising's latest disc as should those of you who consider heavy, thrash-tinged death metal to be a dying art-form. You can find out more about this bunch at their Facebook page below.

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